ZVex Wah Probe

For years I used a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby – which was built like a tank and sounded excellent.  It had the advantage that you could leave it “half cocked” for a snarling nasal sound, but…

I play mostly for worship in Church, and the wah was used more for a textural filter sweep during slow passages.  the Cry Baby had a perceptible “stepping” to the sound as you moved the treadle.

Enter my pedal hero Mr Zachary Vex – his wah has no treadle – just a copper plate which as you move your foot/hand/other body part/guitar lead over it does the filter sweep.  Totally analogue, totally smooth – brilliant! – and it looks good too!

Recently I’ve found that  this pedal is amazing for doing a mimic of the “club-style” filter sweep sounds on highly repetitive “ostinato” parts – wildly flexible and totally brilliant!

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