Z Vex Super Duper 2 in 1

Way back when I took great delight in buying a pedal called a “Super Hard On” made by Mr Zachary Vex.  It was a brilliant little pedal that could drive my tube amp into instant overload.  I did however feel that there were two great settings – one at 9 o’clock which added a sparkle and attack to the notes, and one at 3 o’clock that blew my amp up!

I contacted Zach, and asked if there was a mod I could do to switch between these two settings, and he kindly offered to sell me another pedal – not another “Super Hard On”, but a “Super Duper 2 in 1.”

This is effectively two “Super Hard On’s” in the same box (which sounds wrong whichever way you look at it!).  The right hand button is set for the sparkle sound, and the left hand button is set to blow up my amp, but with the addition of a master control that stops a massive increase in volume.

The two sides of the pedal cascade into one another, effectively giving you a third “Kill” setting.


(See the update note – I’ve now moved this pedal to the last position before the preamp – now it can kick the preamp really hard for that ACDC “dirty clean” sound!)

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