Visit to Leonida

Dear Phil and Julie

I hope this finds you well. I am writing this in Kenya, but won’t send till back in the UK as Kenya internet is somewhat slow, so attaching photos will not be good

I just wanted to let you know that I met with Leonida a couple of times now, and have passed on your gifts to her. We are doing medical clinics up at Kambi Teso, which is the same place that Leonida lives, so although she didn’t come to the clinic, she did come to the feeding programme which happens there also.

So just to let you know that she is OK, initially she was as shy as you would expect a girl to be of her age that is confronted with a white person who doesn’t speak her language, but after she had seen me there on a few days, she was coming up to me for a hug and with a smile. She is always with a group of similar age girls, and clearly has some good friends. She is P2 at school (out of 8 classes), so is perhaps a year or so behind where a girl her age would be expected to be, but given the life circumstances she has had to endure, to be at school at all is a dream come true.

I have not been to her house, so am not sure what the current situation is with regard to whether they have started to rebuild it, but I will try and find out for you.

Attached are some photos of Leonida, I hope you like them.

I haven’t managed to see Shaddy, as time has not worked out for us, but I know his gift will be passed on, and that he is doing OK. Rachel is in regular contact with Pricilla regarding his care.

Thanks for your support to Leonida and Shaddy,

God bless.  Helen


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