Using Eternashine products on a 1991 Gibson BB King “Lucille”

I just thought I’d share my latest information and experience of using on the Eternashine products – Guitar Scratch remover, and their detailer/cleaner spray.

After I received a rather worn 1991 Gibson USA BB King “Lucille” guitar.  The guitar sounded awesome but looked like it had been sandpapered and never cleaned!

I started with a good clean with the new formula Eternashine Detailer spray.  If anything this seemed to reveal even more damage – I guess removing the grease and dirt just highlighted the damage, by allowing more light reflection off the surfaces.  After 2-3 applications of the #2 Eternashine Guitar Scratch Remover things had started to improve significantly.

The #2 polish feels “stronger” than the #1 polish,  and concurrently gives quicker results.  Equivalently it therefore requires more care over its use – follow Eternashine’s recommendations carefully, localised rubbing will result in finish removal with or without the use of the product.

I finished up with a rub down using the #1 polish – this seems to remove many of the “swirl marks” caused by the polishing, and cleaned the remnants of the #2 polish off the guitar leaving a smooth, clear, non hazy finish.

Have a look at the results and I’m sure that you’ll agree  – with care and common sense the product works brilliantly.  Do not expect miracles – as always – it will not replace lost finish, dents etc, but clearly it DOES clear the finish, it does minimise some major marks, and it significantly reduces minor scratches and finish issues.

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