Update on Shaddy….

“ …I also got down to Pricilla’s a couple of times and was able to give Shaddy his present from you. It was lovely to see him open the present and then he just gazed at the cars and held the box tightly. Anyone that tried to show him how to open the box got rebuffed by him in a toddler style, and it was only his ‘hero’ Martin, who is about 17 years old, that was allowed to open the box and get the cars out. Martin then did a ‘vroom vroom’ noise as he moved one of the cars along the arm of the chair, and Shaddy copied. When i left Martin and Shaddy were still playing with the cars, and the other younger boys were gradually being allowed to get a look in as well!

Shaddy is now toddling around on his own, compared to furniture walking when i saw him 7 weeks ago, and is clearly the centre of the household.”


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