Trying out “Guitar Scratch Remover” for myself…

OK – At Christmas I started to distribute the Guitar Scratch Remover product by Eternashine.  I started to distribute it because I’d found it to be the gentlest, most effective refinishing compound that I’ve ever used.

I’ve been holding back from doing a personal review until I’ve had a guitar with enough damage to warrant a serious challenge!

Last week I got hold of this Gibson Nighthawk, described on ebay as being used – with a few marks…

A generous description, but I think it ticks the boxes for this test…..

  1. It’s badly worn, the lacquer shows significant scratches and pick marks.
  2. It’s black gloss – the most unforgiving finish.
  3. I paid for it and I want it to look right!!

Here we go…. View the gallery ro see how well the Scratch Remover worked for me.

Incidentally Smudge Off brought the metalware back to a shine without having to resort to Brasso et al.  all the dead skin, grease and dried in dust  – gone….

…… Now ….. where are those strings I bought…..

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