This year’s report on Michael from OAI

This year’s report…..

Mike Shadrack (Shaddy)

Shaddy is now 5 years old and performing well at Tiny Tots Academy. He is hoping to join class one next year. He is a disciplined boy and during the Summer term exams obtained above average results, scoring 367 marks out of 400. His position in his class was 18th out of 37 children.

Due to your generous sponsorship Open Arms have been able to pay for his school fees and buy his school uniform and books. However Shaddy continues to face various issues at home that make his young life very difficult and threaten to interrupt the success of his education.

Shaddy lives with his guardian Pricilla, in a dimly lit, unhygienic hut which is overcrowded. The hut is adjacent to a goat’s house which adds to the smell and dirt. Pricilla has been known to take Shaddy’s clothes from him and give them to the other children living in the dwelling. He is often sent to school without food.

The Open Arms staff and Shaddy’s teachers are very aware of the many challenges Shaddy faces and have asked the District Commission Officer to officially look into his situation. It is hoped that she will recommend that Shaddy be given a home at Open Arms Village (or another similar project) so that his natural ability can flourish and where he will receive all the love and security he needs.

Open Arms International will continue to do all they can on Shaddy’s behalf. He is lovely boy, who captures the hearts of all those who meet him and the hope is that very soon we can report on a dramatic shift in his circumstances. Meanwhile we thank you for your generous support, without which his situation would be so much worse.

On 14th September – Tiny Tots Academy took Shaddy on an academic tour/trip to Lake Nakuru National Park – he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Susanna Bedford  Child Sponsorship UK


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