The Evolution continues….

This weekend I decided to rebuild the pedalboard due to the demise of my Vox AC3oHW2, and the realisation that my amp now has a better distortion than my pedal (Thanks to Nic Vocaturo at Voc Rock!! – his advice on valves was spot on for my Gibson Goldtone GA60RV!)








Plus I now have a proper Univibe and foot controller!.

As my amp has both a distortion and a boost channel, this has kind of negated the point of the ZVex Super Super 2 in 1, and the ZVex Distortron pedals.

The board above is much streamlined from the previous excesses, and principally is a series of chained modulation effects!









Signal chain is as follows:

1.Boss TU3 Tuner (NEW) – same as the TU2 – just prettier!

2.Z Vex Wah Probe – still great

3.Keeley 2 knob compressor – great

4.Jacques Meistersinger – Chorus – still my favourite.

5.Jim Dunlop UV1 Univibe and foot control (NEW) – One of my all time favourite phaser style effects.

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2 Responses to “The Evolution continues….”

  1. Luke says:

    Hi there,

    What advice on valves did Nic Vocaturo give you about your GA60RV? I too have one and am wanting to get the best out of it!


    • Phil says:

      Hi there – Thanks for your enquiry. My request to Nic was that we should try and get a bassier response from the GA60RV. He suggested (from memory I’m afraid – I’ve lost the email he sent) what he called Long plate Specials for the preamp initial stages, and Electro Harmonix 6L6’s for the power stage – he said the EH tubes were “darker sounding” and I was very pleased with the result. When asking him for advice I emailed him a shortlist of say 6 guitar examples that I wanted to aim for – he suggested the valves in response to that. Sorry I can’t be more help. Philip

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