Hi Phil,

just thought I’d drop you a quick email after having purchased some Guitar Scratch Remover from you.

I’ve acquired quite a collection of basses over the last few years, all bar one of which I have bought secondhand. As you can imagine, these often come with the type of marks and scratches you would associate with used equipment.

I’ve tried a large number of products (both guitar & car based) to remove these marks, & to generally enhance the appearance of my basses. But with very little success I hasten to add! It’s only when I started using your Gerlitz range of products that I began to get the results I had been hoping for. They’re fantastic!

So when I saw the Guitar Scratch Remover, I was intrigued, but also sceptical. However, I decided to try it. And I decided to try it Phil, because it was being sold by you. If it gets your approval then it must be good, I thought.

So, was I right to put my trust in you? of course I was! The stuff is amazing! – I’m so pleased. The improvement to the finish on my basses is nothing short of astonishing! As well as the enjoyment I get from playing, I also take a great deal of pride in ownership, and I want to preserve, & where possible, enhance the appearance of my ‘collection’. – I can do that now Phil, thanks to you, and the wonderful products you sell.

Thank you, all the best,



Duncan Sykora

(Guitarist & teacher )



“I’ve been a professional guitarist and teacher for 20 years (is it really that long?!) and when Phil suggested I try the Gerlitz range for my beloved Tom Anderson and Taylor Guitars, I said why not!

Fantastic stuff… my students are buying it  now as well!

The polish is sensational …a mirror like protective finish.

The detailing spray is great for a quick “once-over”,brings up chrome and gold like new.

The Guitar Honey makes the fretboard look rich and dark, feeding the wood and bringing out the grain.

I’ve been using lemon oil on my fretboards for years which is great but can leave a white residue in the grain…the guitar honey works better… you get the finish and the fantastic smell.

As they say in the adverts…” I won’t use anything else now.

Duncan Sykora is the son of Jazz Guitarist & Radio Presenter Ken Sykora (dec.)


Dear Philip

What a refreshing change it is to hear that not everyone is out to make as

much cash as they can. But also support those less fortunate in the world.

I also do a similar thing having examined various charities to determine how

much money goes to those who need it and then chosen one that ensure that

nearly all that I give gets to the recipient. I wish you all the best and pass on this information to friends and the rest

of us, musically challenged colleagues




Hi Phil,

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to tell you how impressed I am with the Gerlitz range of guitar cleaning products I bought from you recently.

I took the strings off first, so that I could give my bass a really good clean. And I have to say the results were fantastic! I took great pleasure in doing it, particularly the final waxing process, which I found especially gratifying. So much so, I waxed it again the next day! I think it might become a habit / obsession!

Anyway, thanks Phil, I’ll be back again when I’ve used it all up.

All the best, & I hope your business continues to flourish.

Kind regards,




Good Morning Philip,

I checked out your website and I’ve seen some of the work you do in helping children. It is very encouraging to know that in today’s world there are still people like you who deeply care for others who are less fortunate. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Jim Kunkel


Hi Phil,

Got that payment in today. Girl said it should be there by tomorrow lunchtime, but it can take up to five business days. It should work out at £1525. It includes five pounds for your charity( I think the world needs it right now).

Cheers, Larry Mc Carthy


Dear Philip.

Please find enclosed my personal cheque for your Polish Kit which includes a small donation to your charity.

I look forward to receiving them.

Yours Sincerely,

John M Robson.


Dear Phillip

These days it is only too frequent that something is described as ‘the wonder treatment of all time’. Well, I am still under sedation after my first trials with Gerlitz Guitar Honey and Gerlitz Guitar Wax!

I have been a guitarist, with varying forms of success, since 1959. I have used products by Selmer, Boosey &Hawkes, Gibson, Tesco (dont ask but I was desperate) – even resorting to Mr Muscle Window cleaner (which I must admit surprised the life out of me by being quite effective.

I have a Telecaster, a Stratocaster, an Epiphone Casino, 2 Burns Double Six’s, a Mosrite Ventures Model 1969 original (obviously my pride and joy), several accoustic/electro acoustic guitars including a twelve string Sanchez plus 2 Fender Precision basses and a Stagg Electro Acoustic bass.

Obviously, I look after them as you do yours.

After reading the reviews you posted regarding Gertliz products I was tempted into ordering 2 tins of the wax plus 2 of the honey from you. Apart from the OUTSTANDING service you provided, I have to say that I will never EVER resist temptation again.

This afternoon I decided to put the Stratocaster to the test. The result from this afternoon’s effort is astonishing. I bought the guitar new about three years ago – it looks as though I just brought it home! All the other ‘friends’ will get a service tomorrow whether they need one or not for I cannot believe the difference it has made just by one light application. There was even a feint scorch mark where a ciggie (not mine) was held a bit too close and that is now GONE!

My very best wishes to you and your enterprise. I shall certainly be passing the word.

Leslie Allman

(Stroodleman from Ebay)



Many thanks for the super-fast delivery of my complete pack of Gerlitz products.

Just a quick note to say the products are the best I have used. Up to getting these my favourite care system was Fender Meguiars but the wax alone makes Gerlitz superior and you don’t get the amazing cloths with Fender Meguiars.

I will definitely be a repeat customer although I would imagine the longevity of the products will mean that it will be quite a while before I order again.

I can tell you that I have already told many of my playing friends about Gerlitz and as a member of the PRS forum (I have 12 of their guitars) I will be putting a thread on there about it.


Phil Sharples.


Hey, I was turned onto your products by Wookie, and they are the best of the best. I just ordered 2 more bottles of Smudge Off, its hands down the greatest polish I’ve ever used.

The Guitar Honey is great, all 12 of my axes have rosewood fretboards, it works better than anything else I’ve ever used on them. Sure you can use my quote on your web site. I have used many different brands of guitar polish and fretboard cleaner, and once Wookie hooked me up with Smudge Off and Guitar Honey I refuse to use anything else on my guitars. you have a customer for life!




It was so nice to be able to find Gerlitz Wax again. I bought my first bottle many years ago from a shop and found it to be the best polish I had ever used. The wax came in a small glass jar and lasted for over ten years. I used it sparingly and only during a restring. But when I ran out I was afraid there would be no more so I did a Google search for Gerlitz and there it was. What a relief it was and the prices were better than I expected. So I placed my order and figured what the heck I might as well get a bottle of Smudge Off since the shipping would be the same and the price was good. When they came in I tried the Smudge Off and was astonished at what affect it had on my 99 Martin HD28LSV and 92 Flatiron Artist. The sheen was like I had just polished them and my wife said they looked brand new (but what does she know). I almost lost my bottle of Smudge Off to her furniture.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am by your products and will recommend them to all my pickin’ friends.


Mike Bullard



I used to work as a guitar tech for Dana B Goods back when they were in the Seymour Duncan building. I used the guitar honey every day after I discovered it, and it is still the only thing I use on rosewood, ebony, pau ferro or wenge. Before I left DBG, I made sure I got a hold of a few bottles, as Dana bought it in bulk (of course I paid him for it!). I always use it on my clients guitars as well as on my own. Well, that was almost 8 years ago, and my last bottle is looking a bit low. I am sooo glad you are still in business, as too often the best products go the way of the dinosaur. Anyway, I must say it truly is the best product of its kind- I have tried everything else on the planet, and nothing else comes close! I’ve already put it on thousands of guitars, and hope to use it for thousands more. The question is, where can I buy it now?



“Gerlitz guitar products are the only products we will use on our guitars at Boutique Guitar Exchange. They are the only products we have found that are as high a quality as the guitars we sell. They keep all of our guitars factory fresh”.

Michelle Speert

Boutique Guitar Exchange


Hey Harvey,

I just wanted to offer some feedback on the wax and spray polish you sent me. I got so many comments, more than usually, on how the guitars looked this weekend from both the band and audience members. I used the wax first, and then followed it up with the spray polish. What a shine, and it enhances the color as well. Eddie Money’s bass player, Lee Beverly, couldn’t get over the end results. The scratches: gone!. The quilited maple looked even better than it already did!! I love it. Send more!!!


Guitar Tech for Tommy Girvin

Eddie Money Band

TonePros Sound Labs International


“Nothing that I have used since has given my guitars the treatment and gloss this product produced. Not even close.”

Rick Dauch

Norco, CA


“As a luthier and a mandolin restoration specialist, I have to rely on quality product. Gerlitz Guitar Honey is the only product I will use on the fingerboards for guitars, mandolins, violins, banjos and upright basses. Refrets and fingerboard planing are just not complete without an application cycle of Gerlitz Guitar Honey. No oils or slick spot residue after the use of the Honey, just a clean, well-preserved and fresh fingerboard. It sure doesn’t cost much to go first class with Gerlitz Guitar Honey.”

Ken Cartwright, AKA the Mando Medic

Cartwright’s Music Repair, Stayton, OR & President of the Oregon Bluegrass Association.

Former repair article writer of Mandolin Magazine.


“Here’s a product that I’ve been using for some time now, and it’s absolutely the best fingerboard treatment I’ve found on the market. I have absolutely no affiliation with the company, I just love the product, and since it’s very difficult to find, I’ve decided to spread the word. The product is GUITAR HONEY. I haven’t found any other product that will remove grime and condition the fingerboard as nicely as GUITAR HONEY.”

Larry Vigneault

Somerville, MA

Larry’s Basic Guitar Setup Tips


“I will only use Guitar Honey for rosewood fretboards. It conditions and cleans and isn’t heavy. It makes the neck look great and play smooth, but not slippery.”


Guitar Tech for Tommy Girvin

Eddie Money Band

TonePros Sound Labs International