So Much For So Little…..

So much can be done with so little.  In Eldoret, thousands of children and young people are living on the street, scavenging for food and bits of scrap metal on the rubbish dumps. Many are addicted to sniffing glue – it keeps them from feeling hungry and enables them to stomach inedible foods. Recently, we were privileged to get to know three young mums who live there with their newborn babies.



Some 30 of these kids have been identified as being ready to leave the streets. They hope to be reunited with their families, once we get the funding. Our programme director Morris, who works on the ground with these children, lived on the streets for eight years and is able to relate to the kids on a very personal level.

It’s amazing how much can be achieved with so little. It costs only £175 to take a child off the streets, support and monitor them through repatriation and to enroll them in school. We are praying for this funding to come in soon.

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