Smudge Off really works!

The Tele above was in need of a little TLC when I got it.  The marks shown above are really nothing uncommon to all of us.  A simple result of our excited sweaty little palms molesting our favourite guitars.

The point here is that a little Smudge Off goes a long way!

After I’d finished sorting the electrics and other stuff I cleaned the guitar above with Smudge Off, this removed all the finger marks that you can see above.  After that I used Nº1 Carnauba Wax to put a protective coating on the guitar.

The Smudge off can be used inbetween waxing to just keep your guitar looking in tip top condition (especially if you’ve a Black guitar like the one shown here – fingermarks are a complete nightmare!)

The guitar is shown below – shot in daylight  – which I believe to be less forgiving than the flash lighting used above!


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