Safe at Last – News from OAI

Over the past couple of months the Village has given homes to a number of new children – taking the total number of children in our care to 96.  Among them a young boy known to many of us as Smiley. Smiley has been part of our feeding programme for a couple of years and was sponsored generously over the past year for his education.

Sadly the total lack of care at home meant that over time the lure of street-life became too strong, and he became addicted to glue, with his life often in danger.  The OAI team have been concerned for his wellbeing and safety for a long time and were finally given permission to give him a permanent loving home at the Village.

A month later, Smiley is once again a healthy, vibrant boy – living up to his nickname.  All our new children require sponsorship. Our partner-parent sponsorship scheme starts at £29 per month. If you would like information on how to sponsor Smiley or any of our other new children please contact for further details.

Our family is growing at Open Arms Village in Kenya, and we don’t just mean the children!  
In the early spring two calves were born.  The small dairy herd now provides enough milk for the daily requirement of all the homes.  Other livestock, over 40 animals in total, including goats and sheep are providing for our families on a regular basis.
Our chicken project is doing particularly well. An average of 800 chickens are being slaughtered every month and sold at market.  Nearly 950 eggs are collected each week, with 70% being sold.  The Village will soon be seeing solid profit from these programmes.  Our fruit and vegetable production is also expanding.  The garden is full of kale, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, green beans, bananas, and newly planted pineapples.  An orchard is being developed which includes avocado, mango, orange and passion fruit trees.

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