Reshuffle and the Hypothalamus unit!

In the blog from April I removed all my drive pedals, and basically produced a “modulation” pedalboard.  Having used it now for a few months certain things became apparent.

  1. the “treadle” style pedals for the Univibe, Volume and Wah were too close together – when I altered volume I also turned on the Univibe.
  2. the Wah “theremin” was occasionally being affected by the main signal lead that went into the TU3 tuner.
  3. Sometimes I wanted to add other pedals eg loopers for rehearsal, and drive (yeah I know I removed them last time!!)
  4. Sometimes the amp I’m using doesn’t have an effects loop, so I can use a patch cable and jump all the effects into one long chain!
  5. For some reason the BBE Maximiser (Doom switch) and the Moonphaser were AFTER the delay – so if I was using the loop on the DL4 they were redundant.

As a consequence of this I developed the “Hypothalamus” patchbay (see previous), and redesigned the circuit.

The new signal chain is….

  1. Hypothalamus SOCKET 4
  2. Boss TU3 Tuner
  3. Z Vex Wah Probe
  4. Keeley 2 knob compressor
  5. Jacques Meistersinger – Chorus
  6. Jim Dunlop UV1 Univibe and foot control
  7. Z Vex Super Hard On
  8. Hypothalamus SOCKET 1 – to amp….
  9. Hypothalamus SOCKET 2 – from effects SEND of amp.
  10. Red Witch MoonPhaser
  11. BBE Sonic Maximiser – (THE DOOM SWITCH)
  12. Line 6 DL4
  13. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal VPJR
  14. Hypothalamus SOCKET 3 – to effects RETURN on amp.

Happy…… for now!

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