Guitar Repairs, Setup, Cleaning, Servicing and Modification

After nearly 20 years of fixing my own gear I am now being asked by numerous people to set up and repair their guitars.

Whilst I do not feel able to guarantee items such as refrets or major finish repairs, I am confident that what I offer I can do, and at significantly less than most shops.

Please be aware that all guitars sent for a setup will receive the following:

  • A full clean including fretboard prep. a nominal fret polish and lube of all moving parts (replacement of rusted parts will incur a cost of replacement).
  • Reinstallation of a new set of strings.
  • Truss rod adjustment as necessary.
  • Adjustment of bridge height for buzz free action
  • Adjustment of bridge saddles for correct intonation up the fretboard.
  • Elctro-lube and cleaning of pots.
  • Wax treatment of guitar finish as appropriate.

To do the above will take me about 90 – 120 minutes of my time, so cost is priced accordingly.

Guitar Repair Charges

I will provide you with an exact quote for the work once I have seen the instrument – the below prices should be used a guide only – and before any work commences.

No work will be done on the instrument without details of the job and cost being agreed in advance with you.

All work to be paid for on completion of job. Payment by cash and cheque only please.

Prices : Guitar / Bass / Acoustic set-up and repair

  • Set up electric non-tremolo, Acoustic, Electric Bass – £25 + cost of strings
  • Set up electric with tremolo including Floyd Rose – £30 + cost of strings
  • Reset neck angle (bolt on necks only, will also require a full setup) – From £15
  • Replacement pickup (same size, no routing, will also require a full setup) – £15 + cost of parts
  • New pots / switches / sockets, Electrical repairs / modifications including rewires etc – From £10 per hour plus cost of parts
  • Guitar Fret dress and levelling – £15 + cost of any parts required.
  • Guitar finish repairs – Hourly Rate plus cost of lacquer and misc materials.  (Please be aware Nitrocellulose lacquer requires at least 4 weeks to harden, so jobs will frequently take much longer than this).

I have experience of most of the Gibson and Fender style range of guitars, a limited range of experience with Ibanez, but I am familiar with Floyd Rose systems, Bigsby Trems and others, with additional experience of most other makes of guitar.

Guitar electronics problems I am reasonably savvy with, and can offer advice if there’s something that you particularly want, but would always rather refund and suggest others rather than take on something I can’t do well!

Contact me if you want this service in the Clitheroe/Blackburn area.