POSH LED Guitar Case Torch


How many times have you tried to find things on a darkened stage….

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I don’t know what you’re like when you finally get that “dream-gig” down at the “Dog and Sprocket” – but me I’m a bag of nerves.

After weeks of practicing “that solo” or “the difficult intro”  you arrive at the gig, set up soundcheck – all’s well until the lights go down and you drop your “lucky plectrum.”……

….enter the Guitar Case Torch!!!!

I’m sure that most of us have had some rather unfortunate incident like this, but the point is – I had the idea of keeping a small torch in the neck pocket of my guitar case – I found these super bright 7 LED torches – keyrings really – but down at the “Dog and Sprocket” they were a real life saver.

You could view it as a cheap insurance package….

They are all unused, the batteries are included, and are sealed off (a little piece of plastic is breaking the circuit) so you get ‘em fresh!  Supplied in a box, and a plastic bag.

I’ve had them engraved with my website address – a shameless bit of advertising really – but at least you won’t forget where to go to get your supplies of “snake oil” for your guitar!

Unfortunately the postage on these is stupid (Royal mail now has a minimum cost of £3.20) – BUT – you only pay it once! – if a mate wants to have one – buy two and you only pay the postage once – if Paypal charges you too much I will refund the excess…

Each torch comes individually packed in a little card box, and has a circuit breaker in place so that the batteries are fresh when you get it.



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