Budget “POSH Guitars” Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


Cheap enough to put one in every case….
… just in case 🙂

900 in stock


Whilst you’re at the “Dog & Sprocket” – all’s well until some “Drunken Punter” sprays his can of “Wife-beater” all over your immaculate & over priced guitar. You can just feel the sticky alcohol residue gluing your strings to the frets….

I’m sure that most of us have had some rather unfortunate incident like this, but the point is – I had the idea of producing a range of easily affordable super soft microfibre cloths to keep in the neck pocket of my guitar cases.

I have my super high quality “Gerlitz cloths” at home for those more intimate moments at home with my guitar where it gets polished and setup, but these are too expensive for life at the “Dog & Sprocket!”

They are all unused, and individually packaged. The cloths measure 30cm x 30cm, they have no seam to scratch your guitar, and the microfibre “suede” style cloth removes most marks without the need to resort to “Smudge Off” (my favourite guitar cleaner!)

Maintenance Tips:

Which cloth to use for what…..


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