Paul Cochrane “Timmy” Overdrive/Distortion Pedal – BNIB. Custom Pelham Blue Finish


What I personally believe to be the best Overdrive/Distortion Pedal available!

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These are new in and just a little bit of fun – they’re Timmy pedals in a new Pelham Blue Sparkle/White colouring.

Otherwise they’re just the same as the standard purple/white/blue pedals. – So…..


In my ongoing search for what I believe to be the best, most flexible, most transparent overdrive unit this is my current favourite.

Paul Cochrane built the “Tim” pedal first, then a scaled down version which he called the “Timmy” pedal – essentially the same “tone engine” as the “Tim” but without the boost function and the effects loop.

My enthusiasm for this was somewhat curbed when I heard that he had stopped making them – and as such I promptly bought as many as I could from as many sources as I could!

These are brand new in the box (BNIB) and are therefore unmarked and unplayed.

I’ll put more details up when I can get around to it, but for those of you that know how good these are and want to get your hands on one I thought that I’d post this asap!

Review from for the “Timmy”

At the moment the boutique pedal market is absolutely overwhelmed with low to medium gain overdrive pedals. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that they’re easier to design than a good sounding high gain pedal, and the next is the quality of amps available today. Bear with me on this one.

Over the last 10 years the bar has been raised when it comes to valve amp tone. There are more choices of great amps available today to the mere mortal non rock star than there ever has been with an entire industry of boutique valve amps being born. More than ever, instead of trying to make an average amp sound better with pedals, we’re merely extending our tones, elaborating on what is already a great sound. And the key word that proves my theory – ‘transparency’. The tone mafia don’t want you messing with their wonderful sounding amps, they just want you to be able to take their tone and give it a little nudge. So we come to the Timmy and what is so incredible about its circuit.

He aint heavy, he’s my brother.
Hand made by Paul Cochrane in the U.S., the Timmy is the smaller brother of the ‘Tim’ overdrive pedal. There are differences in functionality but the real beauty lies in the circuit both pedals share. Its simple but insightful design lends it to be one of the most transparent tones available in a pedal today. The overdrive ranges from a totally clean boost to a creamy and smooth front end smack. The EQ is also fantastic allowing you to tailor the way the pedal works with the amp. The end result is that when you step on it, you still sound just like you, only a beefier, more powerful, and arguably more attractive version. Used as a clean boost, an OD or stacking with other pedals, the Timmy is truly outstanding and totally deserving of its stellar reputation.

How much should I pay?
Paul Cochrane is still making these by hand in the US for a very reasonable $100. Give him a call and he’ll gladly put you on the waiting list. (do a search on for Paul’s contact details) Only problem is, that waiting list is now over 1 year long and it’s getting longer every day. There is so much talk about these pedals online that the demand has just gone through the roof, and with that demand, the second hand market prices also rise. I recently watched one go on the Bay for £150. That’s a second hand pedal for 3 times the price of a new one. Be warned, this will not polish a turd, it’s not designed to, but if you love your tone and just want more of it, you have 2 options. You’ll either need the patience of a saint, or start hunting the Bay and the online emporiums with a fist full of fun vouchers.”

Review from of the Larger, Rarer “Tim” pedal – basically the “Timmy” is the “Tim” minus fx loop and boost circuit:

“The hallowed Tim pedal. Used to be the shangri-la of unobtainable tone, and is now bordering dangerously on the precipice of too many people having it on their boards. And of course, if too many people have it on their boards, the tone automatically dies. It’s a weird phenomenon…probably something to do with having too many of the same circuit in too close proximity to each other…and the tone of the pedal in question literally gets worse. I call it the ‘Fulltone Fulldrive 2 syndrome’, which the Paul Cochrane Tim pedal is like, two pedalboards away from contracting. However, the Tim pedal is one of the few pedals that I believe can actually back up its hype with tone and originality. And in this way, I hope that people will still dig this pedal, even if it starts to show up on every board of every indie band in existence. (I guess it doesn’t have to be just ‘indie’ bands…but it sounds cooler…at least for another two weeks. ‘Indie’ is also on a dangerous precipice. If three more bands call themselves ‘indie’, the term will officially have absolutely zero meaning. So I’m using it while I can.)

But the Tim pedal, handbuilt to order by gear genius Paul Cochrane, is what I think to be a very original idea. Or at least the first pedal to put it into practice this well. It’s a low to mid gain overdrive pedal, but it’s unique in that it pushes each amp into its own natural overdrive. It sounds like your amp. It sounds like your guitar. It’s your clean tone, just overdriven. The circuit is such that it integrates with your tone. You turn it on, and it overdrives the clean tone of your guitar and your amp that you’ve worked so hard on. And it pushes your amp into its own gain, almost like you turned up the gain knob. Not quite, and it is still an overdrive pedal which lends its own flavor. There’s no getting away from that. But for the most part, it sounds like your amp’s overdrive, and sounds quite different on each individual amp.

However, before you buy it, make sure you like your clean tone and your amp’s natural overdrive. The Tim will do its job incredibly of overdriving your clean tone…it still sounds like your tone. So you better like your clean tone. And the Tim will push the amp to its own overdrive. So you better like your amp’s drive. This isn’t really a ‘fix it’ overdrive pedal for tone you don’t like, like say maybe a Matchless Hotbox or even a Zendrive 2 might be, or can be used as. It works with the sound you have. Which is fantastic for those of us guitarists who have spent countles hours trying to perfect our clean tone, only to never be able to find an overdrive that integrates with that clean tone rather than destroying it.”


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