Oversized Guitar String Winder / Pin Puller – super strong! ORANGE


Go on – Your Wrists will thank you!

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I can remember a time when I could never understand why someone would buy a guitar string winder / peg winder. Indeed I refused to pay for one as I figured that it was the job of the machine heads!

I did however get one free in one of the guitar mags, and now it’s been used so much it’s literally worn to pieces.

If you change strings regularly, your wrists will thank you for buying one of these.

If you have to change strings quickly at a gig – you will thank me for selling you one of these!

I have recently come into posession of a number of these and am able to sell them on at a very modest price.

They are cheap, cheerful and incredibly useful! – they even have two sized slots for small (Fender style) buttons and larger (Gibson/Gretsch style) and a “pin puller” slot in the winder head to remove the bridge pins on acoustic guitars.

Maintenance tips:

My advice on changing strings on a

Gibson style guitar (most electric and steel strung acoustic guitars)

Fender style guitar


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