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Guitar cleaner – what’s that about?

Gerlitz “Smudge Off” – This amazing spray  guitar cleaner restores lustre and shine to your instruments finish in just seconds, while adding protection as it cleans. Easily removes grime and fingerprints. Leaves an ultra smooth, anti-static surface that repels dust while extending the life of your instrument’s deep shine.  It quickly removes finger marks, dust, grease and a whole host of other marks that can be accrued on your guitar through playing.

Smudge Off guitar cleaner is also ideal for cleaning and getting that “detailed” look on hardware, amplifiers and hard-shell cases. Smudge Off contains NO ABRASIVES, SILICONES OR WAXES, and is safe and effective on glass, brass, chrome, plastics, metal and all hard finishes (lacquer, polyurethane, waterborne, varnish, etc.).

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