Gerlitz Guitar Honey – Fretboard Conditioner


Like Lemon Oil – but without the annoying side effects….

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A unique blend of conditioning oils for rosewood, ebony, & other exotic woods. It will cleanse and enhance your fingerboard’s natural character, giving it a smooth silky feel and lustrous glowing sheen, while protecting against moisture, sweat, alcohol & grime in general.

The results obtainable with Guitar Honey are superior to any other fretboard oil or treatment available. Enjoy!

Harvey Says “In my years of guitar repair I’ve used naptha, alcohol, turps & various cleaners, degreasers, etc…. basically that’s how I arrived at the Guitar Honey formula. Guitar Honey has a very high quality form of mineral spirits, which does (in my opinion) the best overall job of cleaning & degreasing (as well as oiling). Degreasing with naptha, etc. before treatment with Guitar Honey really shouldn’t be necessary. I’ve found a thorough cleaning of the fingerboard with #0000 steel wool prior to treatment with Guitar Honey is as complete a “system” of fingerboard conditioning/dressing as is needed (short of something fairly in need of professional repair).”

NB – NOT really to be used on lacquered necks such as the maple of Tele’s and Strats…..

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 Using Guitar Honey on a CS 356


  1. Phil


    Hi Phil,

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the products you sell, but I’d like to share with you how well the Guitar Honey worked on the whole of my Martin 000-15M – i.e. not just the fretboard and bridge.

    The guitar is all mahogany, except for the fretboard and bridge, which is morado (another dark tropical wood – slightly harder than traditional rosewood). When I bought it, the 000-15M was bone dry; a very “satin” finish indeed, so much so that it almost felt sort of dusty. That was cool, but it looked slightly anaemic to me, and I was worried about getting cracks with it being so dry. Anyway, I gave the whole thing a generous coating with the Gerlitz guitar honey. I sprayed directly onto the guitar, then wiped the honey very gently and loosely to spread the polish evenly, without wiping any off to create a thin layer. I then let it soak in for 5 – 10 minutes. Then I gave it a thorough rub down, ensuring there are no marks or areas I’d missed. The result: a gloriously dark and lustrous mahogany finished guitar. To me, it even sounds warmer. I’d love to show you some pictures.

    Thank you for selling such great stuff, with a worthy cause in mind. I will continue to support you.

    p.s. the free plectrums and torches are very useful indeed 😉

    Best regards,

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