Eternashine “Plush” Guitar Cleaning Towel


Pocketed/Plush construction allows the best of both worlds for application and buffing.

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A great guitar cleaning towel.

These dual sided micro fibre towels offer a great step up in polishing action over the standard towels as supplied with the player’s pack.

On one side is a pocketed micro fibre – great for the application of products such as the Guitar Scratch Remover.

The other side is a plush micro fibre fleece – simply superb for buffing and final polishing, or after using a detail spray such as the Eternashine Detail Spray, or the Gerlitz Smudge Off.

The Pocketed side is every bit as good as the standard towel, the plush side is not as lush as the Gerlitz Blue Towel, but is less prone to clogging than the Gerlitz towel.

The fleece is approx 30cm square.





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