Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings 12-53 set Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb coated


Acoustic Guitar String Set 12-53

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With Elixir® Strings, a protective fluoropolymer coating is added to the string via a patented process. The coating forms a barrier between the string and the environment. Since the entire outer surface of the string is coated, the gaps between the winding are protected. As you can see in the photos, after just a few gigs, an uncoated string shows the debris and corrosion in the winding, while the Elixir String remains nearly pristine. Result: Players tell us Elixir® Strings retain their tone longer than any other string, uncoate or coated. You’ll spend less time and frustration changing strings, and more time playing.

I use these on all my Acoustic Guitars! – They preserve that new string “Zzzzing” for much longer than uncoated strings – Beautiful Acoustic Guitar Strings.

Check out this link! – HERE.

£15 per set plus £1.20 P&P



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