Djangojazz guitar picks – Celluloid – Model B, Swing Setieme.


Simply the best plectrum you’ll ever buy – the biggest danger is losing it….

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OK, I thought that I was going to stick with my Jim Dunlop Purple picks for ever – but hey it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

My good friend and guitar tutor Duncan Sykora lent me one of his “custom” Djangojazz guitar picks after a great evening watching Andy McKee play.  He promised me I would not be disappointed.  He was right.  3 hours after the gig I was busy placing my first order for these amazing picks.

Jokko makes each of these picks by hand in Holland.  Each pick is cut, shaped and polished by hand, and uses a proprietary material that mimics the feel, texture and sound of Celluloid – a frequently used ivory replacement since the late 1800’s.  The picks are made of the natural  cotton cellulose found in plants and bound with a plasticiser.  No animals have been hurt in the production of these items.

The result is sublime.

These picks are different style to the other DjangoJazz picks that I offer.  They are slightly larger and are 3mm thick.  Approximate dimensions are 26mm wide and 30mm long.  They feature holes to assist with grip and are made of the celluloid material.  Personally the more rounded pick end I feel makes strummed passages and chordal progression easier, whilst the thickness and precision allows for single note runs to be played smoothly and LOUDLY!!

The Pattern on the picks is individual to each one, and there may be some marks on the surface, residual from the manufacturing process, but each piece is a quality item, and – Yes – the price is PER PLECTRUM!

Personally I feel like my playing is more accurate and quicker, tonally the attack on each note is defined and balanced with each other note.  The thickness of the pick means that there is no “rebound” and therefore once your  picking technique is right – the sound is just awesome.



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