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Brand New.

Possibly the best fuzz pedal I’ve ever used – it avoids the “one trick pony” effect of so many fuzz pedals, and actually gives you a fuzz pedal you can use – over – and over again.

Musical, & preserves your guitar’s sound rather than obliterating it!

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“Limited Edition, this run will be limited to a batch of 200 units only”

The DRW Ge Fuzz Ace is based around the original Arbiter “Fuzz Face” circuitry with a few tweaks of our own, a classic, we have found a great new set of PNP Germanium transistors which, as far a we know are previously unused in this design. The most popular vintage models contained the NKT275, we do NOT use these transistor simply due to availability but our version does sound awesome.

We have modified for True bypass and LED operation and have used quality components throughout. This pedal has lots of features and gives a huge range of sounds from a nice fuzz boost to a full, intense BIG fuzz. As well as the usual Fuzz and Level controls, this model has a Bias control which basically adjust the input impedance to the circuit, and a Shape control which adds a mid boost to the signal, having all these parameters allows a lot more variation in the type of sound you get out of this pedal.

The reason why these pedals (Fuzz Ace and Plus) don’t have an external DC connection is due to the use of PNP Germanium transistors which means these require the OPPOSITE DC voltage polarity to the standard 9v negative centre configuration. Saying that even with the LED modification these units will run for at least 80 hours on the Duracell Procell Alkaline 9v battery supplied.

This product is available for shipping now and will be limited to a batch of 200 units only, each unit will have it’s own unique serial number i.e. 10 of 200. Once the last unit has been ordered these will be removed from our pedal page and maybe we will add an “Archive” page on the site with information on who, how, why and when these were sold?

We have kept the run to a batch of 200, simply, because the availability of GOOD PNP germanium transistors suitable for the task, are not easy to find, so for the stock we have at present and to allow us to keep a few in house, we think 200 is a good production run, we will be buying future stock and testing with other available transistors and Revision II will follow when these are sold.

Only the best components are used throughout the manufacture of all our units:

  • High quality double sided plated through PCB
  • 1% metal film replace the original carbon 5% resistors
  • Quality grade capacitors (Panasonic ECQ)
  • High Quality Switchcraft or Neutrik Input and Output Jack Sockets
  • True Bypass switching
  • Bias, Shape, Fuzz and Level Controls
  • Internal Preset adjustment of transistor bias voltage
  • All transistors matched or mismatched!! (depending on your interpretation)
  • Aluminium Knobs
  • Blue LED
  • High Quality 3PDT switch
  • Battery operation ONLY this unit does NOT have a DC power socket
  • Battery life of around 80 hours usage even with the LED added

DRW has been founded in the heart of Lancashire by an engineer who has spent the best part of twenty years working for Neve, AMS and Calrec.  As such he has a high class pedigree in analogue audio, and has modified certain “classic” pedals to meet his demands.  Hand built – Great sound, low noise (background noise that is…   🙂 )

Read “Guitarist” magazine’s review of the pedals here (March 2015).



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