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Based on classic design – this compressor provides top notch compression and huge flexibility.

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The DRW Compressor is based around the CA3080 Operational Transconductance Amplifier as used by the famous MXR “Dyna Comp” and the Ross “Grey Compressor” regarded as some of the best guitar compressors ever made, now we have improved the design and it’s even better! This model has four controls, Attack, Trim, Sustain and Output Level. Many improvements have been implemented in our designs, resulting in a pedal that has very low noise, with much improved tonal quality. In short it does exactly what it is supposed to and doesn’t compromise your guitar sound.

Only the best components are used throughout the manufacture of all our units:

  • High quality double sided plated through PCB
  • Quality grade capacitors (Panasonic ECQ)
  • 1% metal film replace the original carbon 5% resistors
  • High Quality Switchcraft or Neutrik Input and Output Jack Sockets
  • True Bypass switching
  • Attack, Trim, Sustain and Level Controls
  • Trim Control reduces input sensitivity
  • All transistors matched to within 0.1%
  • Aluminium Knobs
  • Blue LED
  • High Quality 3PDT switch
  • Standard 9v negative centre DC power socket

DRW has been founded in the heart of Lancashire by an engineer who has spent the best part of twenty years working for Neve, AMS and Calrec.  As such he has a high class pedigree in analogue audio, and has modified certain “classic” pedals to meet his demands.  Great sound, low noise (background noise that is…   🙂 )

Read “Guitarist” magazine’s review of the pedals here (March 2015).




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