Buffalo Horn Plectrum (Clear + Index)


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Hand made from buffalo horn – these plectra are possibly the closest natural material (that we can use responsibly) to tortoiseshell.

These are a translucent colour and features an index finger grip on one side.  The reverse side is flat.

The plectra are marginally larger than a Dunlop Tortex pick.

Approximate dimensions are 35mm long 29mm at the widest point, and about 3mm thick.  The edges are bevelled and polished.

Due to the natural material they are made of, there are many variations in coloration of each plectrum, and due to their hand made production each pick is idiosyncratically unique.

The price is per plectrum, and postage on these is free in the UK.

Following the comments of a few people regarding these – I’ve done the responsible thing and checked out where the horn comes from…. Apparently they are harvested “post mortem” from Indian Buffalo (Buffalo bubbalis). The animals are kept for a milk supply and collection is made under strict supervision by authorised government contractors, who then sell them on for the manufacture of buttons and – er – plectrums….


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