2001 Gibson “Goldtone” GA30 RVH


– 30W, guitar head-unit.

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– 30W, guitar head-unit, eight-tube chassis, preamp: 4 X 12AX7, power: 4 X EL84, solid-state rectifier, two channels, reverb, front brown control panel, single input, 12 gold knobs (Ch. 1: v, t, m, b, Ch. 2: g, level, t, m, b, r1, r2, MV), preamp switch, boost switch, rear panel: effects loop with controls, speaker out jack, available in brown or black leatherette covering, mfg. 2000-04.

I say:

I love these amps (I think that I currently have 4!).

The look, the sound – everything!  This Amp Head was built in 2001. If you can find it, all options can be selected with a 5 way foot switch, but these are very very rare.  I got an aftermarket one built by British Audio.

Preamp 1 delivers cleaner tones, while Preamp 2 delivers the dirty and nasty. However, a fuller-bodied tone is achieved when both preamps are combined. The tone, gain, and boost controls can be set for an assortment of sounds.

With two preamps (each with boost, and overdrive features) there are essentially six possible combinations. The tonal textures of the GA-30RV are very much characteristic of British amps like a Vox AC30 or an old Marshall Super Lead 20, due to the EL84 tubes and class A design. The amp delivers a range of sounds that work well for blues, classic rock, as well as for cleaner styles like jazz or country.

Overdriven tones range from slightly gritty to a fuzzier classic rock-type of dirt. The dirty sounds are not nearly as saturated as amps with more modern voicing, like the overdrive in a Boogie amp; think Chuck Berry or Yardbirds. 

There’s a boost channel that will push both channels even harder. there’s a fantastic effects loop with volume out and return from pedals.

Since I’ve had it, I have re-valved it, and have never used it other than at home. There are a few scuffs in the brown tolex, but other than that it’s a fine and rare beast.




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