Eternashine Guitar Scratch Remover – Player’s Kit


The best – most gentle product that you can find to restore the “like new sheen” of your guitar.  The Eternashine “Guitar Scratch Remover.” 

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Eternashine Guitar Scratch Remover – Player’s Kit.  Fantastic for the removal of pick marks, string scratches, patination and other minor scratches.  It will not replace paint from chips, or repair scratches that are through to the wood, bit it can completely remove minor abrasions and minimise the impact of others.  Make sure that you watch the videos….

  • Eternashine Guitar Scratch remover – Player’s Kits = our best guitar scratch remover system & customer favorite
  • Recommended! Polish and remove scratches all in one kit …Best all-around choice for one or multiple guitars, any color finish
  • Two-blend set provides deep, safe polishing to restore high gloss guitars
  • Outperforms normal guitar polishes – this is the one people are talking about!
  • Safe & easy, with no harsh chemicals or silicone
  • Kit does up to 25 applications, that’s one guitar body up to 25 times, or use on multiple guitars. (note-most guitars require more than one application) Each bottle is 2.1 ou for a 4.2 ou product set, plus towel. For high gloss finishes
  • Just the best polishing system for your prized instrument
  • One reg. microfiber towel included – EXTRA TOWELS RECOMMENDED


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