OK – Firstly what are my most used pedals, or those that need access for real time foot adjustments?

My wah I need access to to use the treadle/theremin.

My Volume Pedal for the same reason.

My Delay pedal for tap tempo.

My distortion for mid song changes etc.

These all need to be on the front row, for easy stomping.

Less used pedals, or ones that are used throughout a song can go further back – for me this is the chorus/phaser/compressor brigade.

Order of pedals…..

Well, tuner has to go first.

Wah is generally accepted as being the next, although the “Wah Lord” Jimi H. used wah post fuzz and pre fuzz for different sounds….

Boost/Line driver pedals next,

Compressor next.

Distortion next.

Then the Phaser/chorus brigade of “pitch shift” pedals.

In my setup this now outputs to the amp where I use the preamp as basically another pedal, warming up the sound.

The Effects loop on my Goldtone amp and most others is post preamp and pre poweramp, and the send from the preamp goes into my delay pedals, then any EQ type pedals and then back into the return of the effects loop and into the power amp!



Job done!

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