Philip of POSH Guitars

On the 18th January 2022 the Founder of POSH Guitars, Philip, sadly passed. This business was a tribute for his life long passion for  ‘all things wooden with strings’. We aspire to re-open POSH Guitars over the coming months to enable us to continue the amazing work that coincided with every sale. Though the ‘man behind the magic’ has passed, the mission to supply quality products stemming from a passion for music is still as prominent as ever! 

We will look forward to welcoming your custom back. 

Many thanks – POSH.

2 Responses to “Philip of POSH Guitars”

  1. Dave Whiteley says:

    I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. He was a great bloke
    Kindest Thoughts

  2. Tim says:

    Phil was a lifelong mate.
    All the best with keeping his passion alive

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