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Leonida is 7 years old and was orphaned in 2006. Since then she has been cared for by her older siblings at their home in the Kambi Teso area of Eldoret.

During the post-election violence of 2008, the family home was burned down by a feuding family, and they were not able to salvage anything from the fire. None of the older siblings have any reliable source of income, and most are involved in the local, and illegal, alcohol brewing that takes place.

There is very little attention given to any of the younger children, and Leonida often has to fend for herself as well as her younger siblings. Leonida would like to attend the local primary school, if she had (And now she’s got it!) the financial support to pay for school uniform and supplies. Please pray for Leonida regularly.

We are so thankful that you have made a long-term commitment to personally invest in Leonida L’s life. With your £18 each month,

Leonida will benefit in the following ways:

·  Education—includes school fees, school supp
lies, and uniform

·  Christian values and support

NB Leonida is already a recipient of 4 nutritious meals each week through the OAI feeding programme

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