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Dear Philip

Please find attached brief reports from our staff team in Kenya on the progress of Michael and Leondia, it would seem that there are no plans as yet to move Michael to the Village, but please be assured that his general wellbeing and development is being  monitored.

I would hope to send some photographs soon once our Summer Teams have finished and our Kenyan staff are able to spend a little more time in the office!

Thank you so much for you continued generous support.

Kind Regards




Shaddy is now 5 years old and is a pupil at Tiny Tots Nusery School.  Sarah our social worker visited him on 8th June 2011 and found that he was doing well both in school and at home. His performance in school is great; Shaddy was ranked position 8 out of 22 other kids in his class, the teachers say that he has the capability of doing better than that. He now speaks Kiswahili fluently and can speak a few English words.

His health has improved despite having on and off running nose and colds. He loves playing with toys and making friends. He is always neat and smart in school and smiles a lot, he is a happy child.


Leonida lives in Tumaini home in OAI Village with 16 other children. She is 10 years and in class two at Open Arms Academy. She now takes a short walk to school unlike when she was in Kambi Teso where she had to walk about 2KM to school. That has made her to enjoy staying at her new home.

She did an end of month exam and she was ranked position 4 out of 7 pupils in her class. Her favorite subject is English and she loves reading. When she grows up she would like to be a nurse. She has interest in music and dance and participates in the OAI entertainment team.

During her free time after school Leonida assist in cleaning shoes for Mary and Beaty and sometimes she helps tidy the small girl’s room. She is a very responsible young girl.


Susanna Bedford 
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