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For the past four months, I have been volunteering at Open Arms Kenya in Eldoret, and I am excited to tell you about all of the new things that have been happening!

In December, we welcomed a new set of house parents, Daniel and Lydia Yego, along with their beautiful children, 4-year-old


Lizzie and 9-month-old


Kevin. Daniel is the onsite agricultural farmer, developing the Village land to grow crops to supply our families. Lydia is the Village children’s worker and will oversee the children’s medical and educational needs. The children at the Village are adjusting well and becoming very attached to their new house parents, already calling them Mommy and Daddy.

The week before Christmas, the Village children joined the Open Arms Kenya staff and volunteers for a special day of fun and food at the Kambi Teso slum. As a pre-Christmas party for the kids in the feeding program at Kambi Teso, we served popcorn, cake, candies, and peanut butter sandwiches, while the kids played games and danced to Christmas music. Our Village children were able to make many new friendships.

In January, two new boys came to live at the Open Arms Village. These brothers, Abel (age 12) and Joseph (age 10), lost their mom to AIDS this past year, and their father passed away several years ago. Following the death of their mother, they were thrown out of their home, so the boys were thrilled when we told them they would have a new home and family at the Village! Levi, our Operations Coordinator, picked them up in the bus, and then went to pick up the rest of our Village children at school. When our children came onto the bus, there was much excitement! Two of our

Village boys, Collins and Kelvin, had already made special friends with Abel and Joseph a few weeks before at the Christmas party at Kambi Teso. They were thrilled to know that these two boys would now be their brothers!

A week later, we brought Rachael, age 8, to the Village as our newest addition to the family. We met Rachael at the feeding program in Kambi Teso, and when we heard her story, we prayed that we would have the opportunity to help her. Both her parents died of AIDS, and she was left with a grandmother who did not want her. Rachael lived in a home where she feared for her safety every day. Now she is safe in the arms of her new house parents, Lydia and Daniel. Previously a shy and scared child, Rachael has been smiling since she arrived and is loving and responsive to her new family.



The children at the Village are now attending a new school, and they are so thankful to have the opportunity to go to a good school and are all doing very well! They are learning English quickly and have been practicing every chance they get. On Sundays, when I visit for church services, the children sit in a circle at the end of service and tell me stories of what they are learning, their favourite subjects, and the new friendships they are making.


I am so thrilled to see the shining faces of all of our children, many of whom came to the Open Arms Village with broken spirits and heavy hearts. Now, they run into our arms with joy and excitement and cannot wait to tell us stories about how they are doing and the new experiences they are having.


Thank you for being a part of saving these little lives. Your prayers and support are making a significant difference in the lives of so many children, who thank you for loving them.

With much appreciation,

Renee Scobel

Open Arms Kenya Volunteer


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