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More Children Get a New Home

With the opening of the third Children’s Home, Amani, Open Arms has been able to welcome several new faces at the Village over the past week or so. Here are a few of them:


Cassie (9) and Megan (11) are sisters. Their father abandoned the family and their mother locked them out of the house and has now abandoned them as well leaving them to roam the streets. Megan ended up in juvenile prison from where the sisters were referred to Open Arms by the District Children’s Officer as an emergency referral


Paul and Sarah Kipkemboi are the new house-parents of Amani house, which means Peace in Swahili. They have 3 children, the youngest of which will be with them at the Village and is in class 5 at school.

The staff are working with the local authorities to identify other children to be welcomed to the Village. The paperwork is being sorted and soon the children will be able to move in, so watch this space for updates!

Kenya has nearly 1.5 million orphaned children; roughly 200,000 children below 5 years of age die each year and over 250,000 children spend their days and nights alone on the streets; many of them orphaned or abandoned.

At the Open Arms Village we are responding to this urgent need by trebling the number of children in our care, from 28 to 80 this year

Without us these seriously vulnerable children would be living on the streets, becoming prime targets for child traffickers. All of them are at risk of disease, hunger, violence; drugs, alcohol, and sexual abuses. We give them a safe and loving home and a hope for the future.

We are so grateful for your support at this time….

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