Letter from Ruth.

Hi all,

Isn’t God great! – Don’t know if you realise, but it is a year today since our first children were received at Open Arms, what better way to celebrate than with the committal of all our children. Yes ALL our children were committed this morning and I have the paperwork in my hands!!

We were all there before 8am as instructed and sat around waiting for over two hours, there were some very important people arriving at the court and all the court officials had to stand on ceremony to welcome them, once they arrived the hearings were able to start and the whole procedure took less than 10 minutes!! We were on our way by 10.35 and went to the Sirikwa hotel to celebrate with a soda! We also took the opportunity to take some photos of the kids which hopefully you can use in newsletters etc – I will forward disc shortly.

We also met Beatrice our newest family member, Philip the DCO approached us and asked us to take her in as an emergency case. This beautiful little girl is about 2 and a half years old and has spent at least three days lost, living on the streets, fending for herself. Her mother has mental health problems, is a drunkard and lives on the streets. Beatrice and the two people from Berur Streetcare who had been looking after her went back to the village with all our kids to settle her in. She will be living with Daniel and Lydia and is already happily playing with the kids – Ruth has given her her own teddy to play with, which she has claimed and won’t let out of her sight.

Praise God she is safe tonight.

The letter from the DCO states that she is under our temporary care and protection as they look into her matter, but I have been advised that this is the standard statement and they are in no way planning for it to be temporary. Beatrice will get checked out at the Docs tomorrow. Please pray for her especially over the next few days and weeks as she adjusts and settles into village life.

Thanks for praying…



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