Letter from Rachel

Philip and Julie

Thank you so much for sponsoring the two kids and also for such generous support in so many ways!  You are such a blessing to us and I personally can’t wait for you to get over to Eldoret and see us!

I will leave February 17th to go back ‘home’ to Eldoret.  I wanted you to know that something on my radar is that I would like to take Shaddy into our village at some point soon.  I have already talked to Priscilla about this and she seems understanding and willing.  I just think he could be cared for in a better way and am concerned about his health and nutrition right now.

I was waiting to get approval from the District Children’s office to take children in and become a Children’s Charitable Institute as they wouldn’t allow us to take in anymore until that happened.  We finally got approval in late December and are thrilled!  So, once I get back and assess the situation further – both at our village and at Priscilla’s – I will have a better time line in mind.  The soonest could be late February, but if the house parents feel too overwhelmed with the 3 kids we just added this month, we will wait for a new home to be built and place Shaddy there.  That should be by early May (I hope at the latest).

Just wanted to give you a rundown and to say “thanks” once again for all that you do!  David and I love you!

Big hugs to the kids and to you!


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