Leonida in her new home.

Hi Philip and Julie!

I just wanted you to hear from me personally that we finally brought Leonida to Open Arms Village today.  It took awhile getting through all the ‘red tape’, but it is done!  David and I just had dinner with her in her new house, Tumaini (Hope) which was built by the Lancaster Foundation;-)  She is getting settled and seems happy already.  Rachael who we took in 2 years ago from the same area, is thrilled as she and Leonida were good friends and now they share a home together!

We will get Leonida in our school Monday and do some testing to see what class she places in.  Typically kids have to go down a class or two because the public schools are so poor, we find them behind in our school.  So we shall see next week, but meanwhile we are all grateful that she is now with us.

Blessings to you both!  And of course the darlings…..

Rachel Gallagher
Open Arms International

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