Latest incarnation of the Guitar Pedal Board

There’s one thing that I’m becoming convinced of – the pedalboard is an organism.  It evolves – just like an organism.  In the face of a changing external world the pedalboard cannot stay static, but must constantly evolve to incorporate new technology as it becomes available – or improves, and the unused pedals must give up valuable footprint space to those that are currently more in favour….

I had thought that the production of the RLPB (Ridiculously Large Pedal Board) would be a one time deal – how wrong could I be.

Currently the ‘board looks like this…..



Signal Path and fx details….

  1. Guitar –>
  2. BOSS TU3 Tuner – I have just got hold of a Peterson Strobostomp – but I do prefer this “live.” –>
  3. Z Vex Wah Probe – Still my favourite  wah  – no rocker, no clicks, no glitches – dead smooth – used more as a “filter sweep” PLUS it contains a Super Hard On. –>
  4. Keeley 2 Knob Compressor – Awesome clean effective and nearly always ON! with the knobs set at 11 and 1 o’clock. –>
  5. Jacques Meistersinger Chorus – still love this for it’s ’80’s hair metal ballad stylings! –>
  6. Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive – after a lot of searching this is my favourite overdrive/distortion unit – set with the treble rolled all OFF it gives a smooth uber sustained “woman tone.” –>
  7. Red Witch Moon Phaser – Smooth lush and versatile. –>
  8. Z Vex Super Hard On – It’s still there! – set to 9 0’clock and giving my clean sound just a tad more sparkle. –>
  9. –> AMP –>
  10. AMP PREAMP – Usually my Gibson Goldtone GA60RV
  12. BBE Sonic Stomp – just for the moments when you want a little MORE!–>
  13. Empress Superdelay – New Toy – not quite convinced yet but I need to use it to see if it will replace my DL4 permanently.–>
  14. TC Electronic Ditto – the simplest looper pedal I could find.  I’ve run the gamut of BOSS units and found them all with too many options.  This just does what it says. –>
  15. Ernie Ball VPR Volume Pedal.  Controls what goes into the power amp – without altering the gain structure of the ‘board – or the guitar. –>
  17. POWER AMP.

Oh and whilst I was at it I’ve added some George L’s patch leads – cool looking curly ones! and a Mogami Patch lead – hopefully I’ll be able to notice the difference!






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