Interim report on Leonida.

Dear Philip

Please find attached a couple of pictures of Leonida, who as you know, is now part of the large Open Arms Village family. I am shortly to post Christmas cards/letters that the OAI Village children have written to all their sponsors, and my hope is to include an up to date picture too – here is one for now!

I visited the Village at the beginning of the year and met Leonida – she has a lovely smile and gentle spirit, coupled with boundless energy – she if often to be found playing football. Academically she is progressing well and she takes an active part in looking after some the younger children of the Village.  I have asked Hellen, our child welfare officer to take pictures of all the children in receipt of an Education sponsorship, so I hope to forward these onto you as soon as possible.

Thank you Philip for all your support, love and concern for both Leonida and Shaddy.

Kind Regards



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