I didn’t realise just how lucky my kids are….

Hello Philip & Julie

We hope this finds you well, and having a good autumn. I was fortunate enough to have a trip to Kenya at the end of September, and I just want to update you on progress out there as well as tell you a beautiful story of a life transformed.


Things are really progressing well at the village now; there are 5 homes for children in various stages of completion, with occupation of the first one expected by end of this month. Two more should be complete for occupation before the end of the year which means that all the children we currently have will be in their new homes by Christmas – what a wonderful present that will be.

Construction has started on the first three guest homes, for volunteers or visitors. We are aiming for the village to become self-sustainable within the next three years and the revenue from our guest homes will provide a new income stream to support the running costs of the village. Plans are also being drawn up for the ‘Open Arms school’ so that our children can all get first class education on site.

So what with all that, plus 5 teams of volunteers giving their support and input over the summer months – life has not been dull!

Of course none of this would be possible without the generous support of so many wonderful Open Arms supporters – through financial giving, involvement in fundraising activities, and participation on teams – a huge thank you to you all. We do still need to furnish each home which costs £5,000 per home and we are praying for this money to come in. If you feel able to help, we would be so very grateful.

Now for the story of a life transformed. Many of you will remember earlier this year I mentioned little B, a 2 year old who had been found wandering on the streets of Eldoret, scavenging for food, abandoned by her alcoholic and drug / glue addicted mother. Well, she has now been at the Village for almost 6 months, and she is doing so well. Lydia, her new mother, was telling me that in the past 2 months little B has got to the stage where she is happy to sleep indoors, rather than outside which is all she would do to start with, and will also stay indoors to eat rather than wanting to take her food outside. She has also got more relaxed about her meals in that she isn’t feeling the need to try and cram all the food in quickly before anyone else can take it.

All this drove home to me just what a precarious and threatening start some of these children have to their lives, but also what an amazing story of hope and transformation can be found within each life.  Again, without your support, none of this would have happened, so as you read this e-mail, know that you have played, and continue to play,  a critical part in enabling the lives of so many children to be transformed.

Wishing you a wonderful day

The Team

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