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On 2 Jun 2009, at 11:02, John Greenhill wrote:

“Hello, I just received my order.  Thank you for the fast delivery 🙂  Just a few questions – Which cloth is for which application? I have the fluffy blue one and the other cream one. I am guessing use wipe off first, then wax ? Any information you can give me on how best to use the wax, how much do I use ?  Thanks”

Not a problem.  My general procedure is as follows:

1. Remove strings

2. Spray fingerboard with “Guitar Honey” and use an old cloth to clean off all the finger grease etc.  If necessary polish the frets and “exfoliate” the fingerboard using Guitar Honey and #0000 wire wool.

3. Use an old cloth to remove any excess wire wool bits (don’t let them get on the pickups) and excess Guitar Honey.  Apply a new coating of Guitar Honey, leave to soak in (sometimes this is overnight with really dry necks! More often though it’s a matter of leaving if for 10 mins to soak.)

4. Use “Smudge Off” to clean the body of the guitar.  Use the Blue Fleece cloth to buff to a shine.

5. I use Smudge off and the “Chamois” for metalwork cleaning (pickups, control plates, chrome tuners etc).

Please note that the “Chamois” Cloth is no longer available – a close second to do this job would be my “Budget Cleaning Cloth.”

6. Lube the bridge screws and any other moving parts with 3 in1 oil.

7. Polish the neck with the Blue cloth – the Guitar Honey should have soaked in by now!

8. Using the foam pad in the Nº1 Wax tin apply a coating over all the paintwork.  Leave it for a few minutes.

9. Buff to a shine with the Blue Cloth.

10. Use the Chamois without the other products to clean in between times.  It’s structure alone will remove most marks.  If anythings being stubborn add a little Smudge Off!

I hope that helps.



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