Vanquish Legend “Oli Brown” Signature #0035

The Blue Book Says:


Vanquish Says:

The Legend was our first model and to this day provides just as popular as the day we launched it. With a unique twin cut design and unparalleled playability that guitar players have spent years looking for.

Blending the warmth of humbuckers with the snap and clarity of single-coils The Legend, sonically, is a guitar for even the most disconcerting musician providing a vast pallet of tones.

The Legend provides a platform to stand out from the crowd both aesthetically and tonally.

  • Premium quality hand selected Brazilian mahogany tone woods
  • Private stock master grade maple tops
  • Custom wound pickups made by Matt Gleeson at Monty’s pickups
  • Unique designed neck join for increased wood to wood contact
  • Tone pros locking bridge with recessed Vanquish thru-body tailpiece
  • Gloss or satin lacquer option
  • CTS volume and tone pots for superior touch sensitive response
  • Buzz Feiten tuning
  • Musitrac microchips installed as standard for peace of mind in case of theft
  • Hiscox case with Vanquish logo

I say:

A few years ago Dave Burrluck from “Guitarist” Magazine put me in touch with Adrian Hardman from Vanquish guitars – a UK luthier producing High End bespoke guitars who wanted a care package to give away with his guitars.  Adrian bought a number of Gerlitz Products and a successful relationship was born.

This particular model has a low serial number, and a brilliant P90 pickup configuration.  The 3 way toggle gives you neck, neck and bridge, and Bridge options.

This is the Oli Brown signature model, it has a stunning Burr Maple top.  The twin P90 pickups are gritty when you dig in and delicate when you play softly.  The electronics are simple, fully functional and crackle free.  The rosewood fretboard and frets are in great condition with beautifully rolled edges making this just a joy to play

All I can say is if you imagined a checklist of ultra-desirability this is it.

Tone -Pros hardware.
Bare Knuckle Pickups.
Fancy wood.
Hand finished.
Recessed hardware.
String Through Body construction.
Comfort contours.
A neck heel that you can actually play around.
Lightweight Construction.


…… an ultra tactile – I said Tactile – yes TACTILE finish!!!!

this guy has ticked all the boxes.

The Oli Brown model was based on the standard (I’m using that loosely because I don’t think Standard is a concept at Vanquish 🙂 ) Legend model. The main differences are the top which I believe is Burr Maple and the Pickups – Bare Knuckles P90s in a Humbucker size case.

This guitar was used as a Vanquish demonstrator guitar and appeared on the merchandise stand on a UK New Generation Blues tour with Joanne Shaw Taylor, Oli Brown and Virgil and the Accelerators in May 2010. The guitar was subsequently sold by Vanquish on eBay.

If you don’t know Vanquish guitars build quality is absolutely stunning. In my opinion they sit up there with the very very best bespoke Custom builders. There are no glue gaps/steps etc in any of the joins. The mass producers we all know can’t possibly match this quality.

Condition wise the guitar is in great condition. Its never been gigged by me. If you look very carefully there are some marks on the back but the finish is not lacquered so the marks are just directly on the wood.

Try and get one somewhere else…
Probably not possible without a long wait from Adrian….