2011 James Trussart Steelcaster #11 033 Rust on Cream Paisley

• Rust on Cream Paisley SteelCaster

• Perforated Back

• Paisley Engraved Top, Pickguard, and Headcap

• 62 Maple Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard

• Arcane Inc. Tele Bridge and Humbucker Neck Pickups

Simply incredible.  This guitar is in near perfect condition if you can call a rusty piece of metal near perfect!  There is one small dent in the back of the neck – not a chip – but a dent – it doesn’t affect playability, but at this price it needs mentioning!

Outstanding attention to detail  – the engraved Paisley pattern is continuous across the tops of additional piece of the body – just stunning.  The sound from the neck pickup is this and muscular – but the body does add upper mids that makes it brighter than a typical – say – Les Paul HB.  The single coil bridge is biting and can be really gnarly – but the tone control does an excellent job of taming it without castrating it!  These are about $5500 from James Trussart – plus say $250 shipping, then add 20% customs and we roll in at $6900 about £4200….  …..you do the math.