Cole Clark FL2AC “Fat Lady” Acoustic

Been after one of these for years – but they’re a bit tricky to get second hand – I guess that’s because they’re so good!  This one has at some time had a fairly common crack on the headstock along the line of the tuners, however it has been professionally fixed and is now secure as new.

Awesome clear acoustic sound, shimmering highs and tight, thudding lows – simply one of the best acoustics I’ve tried.

Then there’s the sound when it’s plugged in…..

Quite simply the “Sound I had in my head” AWESOME.  The guitar actually has 2 pickups – one piezo in the bridge, and the Cole Clark “Face Brace Sensor” pickup on the underside of the top.  The preamp has a slider to select (at either extreme) or blend the two pickups.  I found it hard to get a bad sound out of it!

The Face Brace Sensor:  Simple in its concept and design, the Face Brace Sensor is the first pickup that captures vital sounds and tones created by the face of the guitar. The sensor runs across a large section of the face resulting in a truly live signal that has to be heard to be believed.

  • All solid timber dreadnought with internally carved top and back
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose (natural satin)
  • Neck – Qld Maple
  • Top – Solid Bunya or “AA” grade solid spruce top
  • Solid Bunya, Old Maple or blackwood back and sides
  • Inlaid timber face edge and rosette, all timber binding
  • Solid rosewood bridge and fingerboard (block inlays)
  • Grover Machine Heads