2009 Liquid Metal Guitars Telecaster (LMGT) – previously owned by Lost Prophets guitarist Lee Gaze.

The Blue Book says…..

Absolutely nothing!

The Manufacturer says….

About The Guitar

  • ‘Cause of the way I finish these guitars. with the super hard mercedes clear coat, there really isnt the need for a pick guard.

Here is what this guitar has:

  • Seymour Duncan LMG Custom Wind “Phat Cat” Pickup in neck position, creates a beautiful smoothed jazzy tone.
  • Seymour Duncan Custom wound Bridge pickup.
  • Maple neck, with Ebony fingerboard 12″ fingerboard radius.
  • 25.5 inch scale.
  • Stainless dual-action truss rod, silicon seated and rods sheathed.
  • An 8 degree headstock angle puts the perfect downward tension on the strings behind the nut. No String Tree.
  • Gotoh’s 510 mini tuners in chrome finish, with a 1:18 gear ratio and height adjustable posts to add to the string tension.
  • Liquid Metal angled ashtray bridge.
  • Self lubricating nut to improve tuning stability while eliminating all tuning “ping”.
  • Precision filing of nut slot depths, so that the intonation, creates a perfectly playable guitar.
  • Graphtech String Saver Saddles which are a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage.
  • CTS 500k Pots.
  • Switchcraft Jack.
  • Shielded Silver Braided Old School Wire.
  • Switchcraft Right Angle 3 position switch.
  • LMG Shop Machined Unique LMG Tone and Volume Control Knobs.

I say….

Oh my.

Simply beautiful both inside and out.

This is the second of these guitars that I’ve managed to score.  After buying I discovered that the guitar was previously owned (and bought from) Lee Gaze – the “Lost Prophets” guitarist – which explains the interesting stickers and markings on the case.

The people at LMG take a block of aircraft aluminium, and then rout out the hollowed front and sides section!

The Back is a machined fit and all of the body is coated in a layer of clear Mercedes lacquer, preserving that gorgeous light friendly machined surface.

The neck P90 gives a smoother tone than the normal tele style pickup – with more grunt and growl.  A great dynamic pickup.

The bridge pickup is custom wound to complement the guitars design – and provides all the tele quack and bite.

The guitar has lost it’s original LMG case, but has a beaten and roadworn rock case brand case, with a strap and strap locks inside.

There are a few minor scratches and the guitar has lost a couple of the rear screws – where they’ve sheared off in the sockets.

The guitar plays great, sounds awesome and at some time has had a “treble bleed” circuit included and has sprague orange drop caps for tone and the treble bleed.