2015 Organic Guitars “Artist Mono” Made in the UK.

The Blue Book Says:

Absolutely Nothing….

Organic Guitars Say:

The Mono is a single cut-away design with a difference. Its sleek curves and retro styling scream tone whilst the single piece body, quartersawn neck, and advanced design and construction deliver it. From sparkling tight cleans to thick aggressive dirt this guitar is a true workhorse.

The Mono features Hand wound Bareknuckle P-90 pickups, a solid African Padouk body with Ebony fretboard and Scratchplate.

The Artist is the flagship of the Organic range. Featuring a fully hollow construction with no increased thickness of body this guitar pushes engineering boundaries almost as far as artistic ones.

Capable of thick jazz tones to full on rock and everything in-between this may be the only instrument you ever need.

Featuring a hollow African Padouk body with a maple cap; Custom wound Organic Bareknuckle Pickups and Sperzel locking tuners.

Prices start from £2400

Features of Organic Guitars:

  • Contoured Ergonomic Body
    The fully sculpted body has no flat surfaces. The gentle body curves and contours have been tuned to fit the human form, and shaped to position the centre of gravity in the optimum condition to balance the instrument, making the guitar very comfortable to play. A perfect marriage of weight distribution and aesthetic beauty.

“The curves of this guitar really make it; holding it in your hands is an experience smoother than a marble statue of Sean Connery in his heyday.” – Rob Sandall, Guitar Buyer. June 2006

  • Recessed Hardware
    The recessed tune-o-matic bridge brings the strings closer to the body, creating a super low, comfortable playing profile. The control knobs, selector switch and pickup rings are also recessed along with the tuners adding to the overall ergonomic design. The truss rod cover is also recessed and secured magnetically, removing the need for unsightly screw heads on the headstock face.
  • Tone
    A large degree of sound transference revolves around a solid neck joint. The Organic Guitars unique set in neck joint is angled from the 18th to the 20th fret as opposed to the traditional square joint (usually around the 18th). Secured by a large tenon, which extends into the neck pickup cavity and with a large surface contact area, this design is much stronger and better at transmitting tone to the body. This contributes to longer sustain, a brighter, more distinct tone, and a bigger sounding guitar. The neck heel and body are sculpted to increase access to the higher frets and create a seamless continuation of form.  A one piece body and one piece neck are coupled after tap testing to ensure sympathetic resonance across the joint. This ensures that when you strike a note the whole guitar resonates as one, an experience that must be felt to be believed.

“A powerful and rich acoustic voice that resonates with impressive sustain” – Tim Slater, Guitar Buyer. May 2005

  • Finish
    Organic guitars have beautiful natural oil and wax finishes allowing the tactile beauty of the wood to be appreciated and felt rather than buried under layers of lacquer. The natural beauty of the grain is left unfilled and exposed resulting in a warm smooth organic texture which you will struggle to keep your hands off.  Lacquers can smother the body’s vibration and dampen its response, causing high-end loss and general “lifelessness”. The Organic guitar’s oil & wax finish seals the wood while still allowing for its great feel and excellent tone. It also provides another advantage, any minor blemishes can easily be polished out and the finish reapplied, returning your guitar to its pristine state.  Each Organic guitar goes through multiple stages of sanding polishing before receiving several coats of oil and finishing wax. The number of coats varies with each guitar, as no two pieces of wood are the same and attention is paid to the individual needs of the instrument.
  • Electronics
    The electronics configuration of an instrument is a very important feature for many musicians. At Organic we will cater to your individual needs to deliver the versatility you require in an instrument. As standard all Organic guitars come with a two humbucker configuration with a three way toggle switch and push pull on both the volume and tone pots. This offers a huge palate of tones ranging from creamy dark humbucking tones through to searing lead and glassy funk.  We worked closely with Bareknuckle Pickups, also handbuilt in England, to create the Organic Bareknuckle pickup, a humbucker voiced specifically for the Organic guitar design. We often work closer still with Bareknuckle and have pickups voiced to the specific instrument to ensure the guitar reaches its full tonal potential. We are frequently asked to fit active or passive piezo systems for players who want to increase the instruments flexibility further still. If you have a specific electronics layout in mind we will be happy to work with you to achieve it.

The Previous Owner Says:

A custom built Organic Mono Artist Hollow body guitar.

It is used but in brand new condition (not a mark scratch dent anywhere [see my notes later]).

Right here are the specs:

  • Waxed solid German flamed maple top with one f hole,
  • One piece fully hollow natural Paduak body,
  • Nice small profile natural Paduak neck and headstock,
  • Black sperzel machineheads,
  • Gabon ebony fretboard with abalone dot markers. (no fret wear at all),
  • Ghoto black knickle bridge strings are through body,
  • Organic tuned bareknuckle pick-ups which sound awesome (rock,blues,jazz tones and everything between).
  • Ebony volume and tone controls (2 volume and 2 tone).
  • Set up for 10’s and plays superb no rattles or fret buzz.
  • Comes with an Organic custom flightcase.

These guitars get top notch reviews by guitarist, and guitar buyer magazines. This is the first of two ever made in the artist format which makes this rare as hens teeth. The 2nd one a zebra wood finished mono artist I believe belongs to guitarist Will Hay. For more details on the organic guitar range and links to reviews go to www.organicguitars.co.uk. This cost near on £3000 new. A standard Mono being £2200.


I Say:

Simply Beautiful.  Many production similarities to the Vanquish range of guitars, not surprising really since both luthiers studied their craft at the same place.

Very light to hold, very comfortable to play.

The guitar has a delicate and precise tone, and it’s wax/oil finish is equally delicate and currently has a couple of small marks that are an unavoidable result of using the guitar rather than leaving it in the case.

The neck joint is incredible, allowing access all the way up the fretboard.

Excellent tone, great playability and it feels amazing to hold.  I have no idea how the electronics are put in as there are no control cavities!!

Love it!