2014 Gibson SGM Fireburst, with BKP “Nantucket” pickups

Gibson Specifications:

Gibson SGM:

Mahogany Body, maple neck 50’s rounded profile, gold silkscreen headstock.  Bell truss rod cover engraved with “ETune.” Pickups ’61  Zebra Alnico V. 2 vol, 2 tone CTS pots, 3way toggle switch.  Min-Etune tuning system. Tune-O-Matic bridge, and stop tailpiece satin Chrome finish.  Rosewood 12″ radius 24 fret fingerboard, Acrylic dot insets and 120th Anniversary banner at 12th fret. 3 ply B/W/B pick guard. Satin Nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Gibson Plek system setup. 

I say:

Gibson proudly announced this model of SG as taking on the best bits of the past and combining them with some future tweaks, with basically included bigger strap buttons, and the new grippier speed knobs – both of these are great, but the other major advance was the inclusion of the Min-Etune self tuning system, has been less than favourably received and I don’t think it is fitted to their guitars anymore.

The previous owner who works for Bare Knuckle pickups custom built his own version of the BKP Nantucket Humbucker Sized P90, these include raw nickel covers and black bolt pole pieces.  These provide a very touch sensitive and sonically dynamic feel to the sound of the guitar, with clear crystalline highs, and would cost about £280 on their own!  He also swapped out the embarrassing Min-Etune system for sealed Grover tuners, these are gold plated, which unfortunately do not match the chrome and nickel aesthetic, but are a great and very stable tuner as found on the more expensive Gibson Guitars – clearly he was also not a fan of the Min-Etune system as he also swapped the truss rod cover for a a “Standard” engraved tuner.

From the top then…

Headstock shows a few signs of minor abrasions, but nothing major. The face of the headstock has a few very minor scratches – nothing unexpected of a guitar that has been well used.

Neck has on small chip in the lacquer probably from being leant against an amp.

Fingerboard and frets are in excellent condition, and you get 24 four frets!

Bodywork on the front and edges show a few bumps and chips, more consistent with use rather than abuse.  The rear of the body has more damage, a couple of scratches through to the wood, and around the control cavity.  The satin finish of the guitar has developed a “shine” in the areas where the guitar rubs against the player – again use, not abuse…

Originally shipped in just a “gig bag” I have purchased a hardcase – as pictured.

In short – a great solid guitar showing some signs of wear and tear, with a series of high quality custom refinements.

Bare Knuckle Pickups Say:

The Nantucket HSP90 has a raw, in-your-face tone that continues the legacy of the early LP Jr and LP Special playing blues and rock guitarists. The sound of a hand-wound late ‘50s vintage P90 is unmistakable, and the Nantucket keeps that tone alive.

Arguably the ultimate pickup with the best tonal elements of humbuckers and single coils, the P90 single coil has a distinct and gutsy tone all of its own.

Scatter-wound by hand with 42AWG plain enamel wire and using sand cast, vintage cut Alnico V magnets, the tone of the Nantucket humbucker-sized P90 is raw and in your face. The wide, squat coil creates a fatter tone compared to a Strat or Tele coil, while the twin magnet design gives all the power of a humbucker. Low notes are solid and tight, while the upper mids really grind. The upper mids never sound harsh, but fat and chunky. High notes can really sing and with a slightly breaking up tube amp, wonderful harmonic feedback is possible. A touch sensitive dynamic and the ability to clean up well as the volume is backed off, the Nantucket HSP90 really does lend itself to a huge range of playing styles.