2008 Mayones Regius 7 in Translucent Graphite. Bare Knuckle Pickups “Painkiller” pickups.

The Blue Book Says:


Mayones Says:

Body is profiled Swamp Ash, with a flamed maple top.  The neck heel is specially contoured for upper fret access.  Neck through body construction of 11-ply / Maple – Mahogany – Amazakoe – Wenge, Ebony Fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets.  The guitars can be ordered with a range of pickups for an extra fee, but are usually supplied with Seymour Duncan Pickups.  1 volume (with coil tap on push pull pot), 1 tone.  3 way pickup selector. ABM fixed Bridge, strings through body. Hipshot locking tuners.

I say:

“Djent Djent…”

Always wondered what it’d be like to have that seventh string.  Plugging in this guitar I am instantly transformed into a “Metal Monster”  and as the gain goes up, the pitch comes down and my playing is reduced to percussive “chunk chunk” playing.  

“Djent Djent.”

Construction on this guitar is amazing – they’re handcrafted in Poland, and individually made.  This does result in some idiosyncratic markings, but it’s a “one of a kind” instrument.  I’ve only ever seen this standard of workmanship on the Alembic Bass I had a few years ago.

The guitar has one or two minor scratches (on the rear).  The face of the guitar has a weird rippling in some areas – which at first thought were a kind of weird “bucklerash” on the wrong side of the guitar…. however it turns out that they are part and parcel of the maple top, and where this has more “burr maple” elements, this has resulted in a series of dimples in the finish.

The “string through body” and “neck through body” construction has to be one of the stablest platforms that you could operate from – and it feels great!  Ebony fingerboard  and frets are unmarked and in great condition.

The Bare Knuckle “Painkiller” pickups are predictably high gain, but if you roll back the gain on your amp from your “Normal” setting, it is possible to get a clean sound from them, and if you utilise the coil tap (which taps BOTH pickups) it cleans up nicely.  Electronics are all fully shielded, crackle free and fully functional.

The Mayones branded Hiscox case is in great condition and fully functional.

I’m really impressed by this guitar, but just can’t handle the extra string…..