2006 Fender USA Telecaster – Customised with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and Coil Taps

Quite a bit of work went into this – but it was worth it.  In Humbucker Mode the Hot Rails provided a convincing Les Paul Tone, but coil tapped they covered the Telecaster range superbly.

Comes with a slightly battered Fender HC (there’s a crack in the outer casing), and a selection of small dents in the paintwork. Nothing majorly unsightly, but I need to say they are there.

Proud of it!

This one’s actually come back to me – Unfortunately UPS had a mishap and broke the body when it was in transit to Estonia.  BUT I’ve bought a new body – single piece of American Ash, finished in tuxedo Black with a cream binding like the ’62 Reissues that I love….. I’ll post pics as soon as it’s available…