2006 “Beastocaster!” Fender USA Telecaster

OK – so this started life as a 2006 Fender USA Telecaster.  Which I sold to a very understanding gentleman in Estonia.  Unfortunately the courier must have dropped it off the plane as when it arrived in Estonia the neck was joined to several pieces of the body, and the case had gained a crack near one of the catches.

Following an insurance claim and some international bank transfers I had the pieces of the body back at home.

The neck and hardware was still in good condition, so I bought a new 2 Piece, High Grade American Ash body (custom made by Northwest Guitars) finished in a ’60’s custom style and a red tortoiseshell pick guard (a slight homage to Wilko Johnson of Dr Feelgood).  A new bridge was also necessary, but what we now have is:

  • 2006 Fender USA neck with rosewood fingerboard and “60th Anniversary” Badge.
  • All Fender Hardware (Tuners, bridge, switch etc).
  • Seymour Duncan Hotrails pickups.
  • Coil Taps on push pull knobs on the Volume (neck pu) and Tone (bridge pu).
  • New Custom Chrome knurled knobs with custom black inlays.

With the Hotrails in Humbucker mode you get a heavy meaty sound, great for driving an amp hard, coil tapped you get a fair approximation of the single coil sounds of a tele for the twangier and more delicate moments….

Not so much a “Bitsocaster”  definately more of a “Beastocater!”